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"I was very impressed by the whole staff and the Dentist at Town Center Dental. They are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them 100%."

Frank Heffern

"very talented dentist and nice with patient also very good work, i recomend everyone if u visit town center denal u will be very very very happy from dr.job."

Mahendi Momin

"Wow, I wasn’t expecting such friendly competent service. But I was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Momin is young and super knowledgable. Gives you enough time and answers questions in detail. The whole staff is very professional. I am glad I chose this office. Recommend for sure!"

Riyaz Sunesara

"Wow, I wasn’t expecting such friendly competent service. But I was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Momin is young and super knowledgable. Gives you enough time and answers questions in detail. The whole staff is very professional. I am glad I chose this office. Recommend for sure!"

Riyaz Sunesara

"Every staff member as well as the dentist, was very kind and friendly. I had a very positive experience and will use their services again."

Hilary Hernandez Martin

"One of the best dental clinic I have ever visited. Got my deep cleaning done and the experience was breeze. Very professional staff."

Javed Momin

"Great experience so far. I have had past experiences with other Dentist. So far my fears have been treated with respect."

Cynthia Adams Sutton

"Best dentist in town. Excellent service and awesome location."

Sohrab Ali

"Dr. Momin is very knowledgeable and very friendly. I love the location and the staff is also very friendly."

Monica P.

"It was my first time here and I read reviews before I visit any doctors or new place and I was glad i pickee this clinic. I had made few calls at other dental place and most doctors didnt wanted me to get my wisdom tooth extracted and deep cleaned the same since I don’t have time for multiple visits and sit in the queue. Dr.Samir took good care of me on short notice and had no hassle to take care of my paperwork on phone by his secretary. Doctor did great job on my cleaning and removing tooth with no side effects afterwards. He checked on me the next day if I had any bleeding that’s what I need as a happy customer. I loved the clean office and the staff was very kind and polite"

teven B.

"It was a very nice modern office. The office staff and the Dr. were great. They were very friendly and explained everything in great detail to where I could understand everything.The appointments went great and me being afraid of the dentist the Dr. was very understanding and worked with me. I strongly recommend Town Center Dental."

Sherri V.

"If you have anxiety about going to the dentist, even for just a cleaning, then you need to read my review. I was so scared of the dentist’s office that I had avoided going since middle school (I’m nearly 30). This is downright shameful as I’ve had great dental insurance for the past ten years but was too much of a chicken to use it. Fate ran its course last Thursday night however when I chipped a tooth eating a really crunchy piece of bread. I made an appointment for Friday and shook the whole way just knowing how awful it would be since I avoided it so long. Dr. Momin took one look and said I had a bad cavity in that tooth which was very close to the nerve, so a root canal would be the best choice. Him and his staff were extremely patient with me being on the verge of tears and even stepped out of the room to give me a minute to compose myself. Never having a root canal before I was terrified of how painful it would be and not expecting to have to mentally prepare myself for that just yet. There was no way to get out of it so I told them to come back in and get started. They said they would give me gas to calm my nerves, but we ended up having to reschedule because the valve on the tank was broken. I came back for my dreaded appointment this morning and they did everything they could to make me comfortable. Asked if I wanted water or a blanket, let me select the channel the tv above my chair was on, etc. They have a nice waiting area too with a single cup coffee maker and small fridge with sparkling waters and juice. With the gas valve working it relaxed me in no time and while it didn’t give me a case of the giggles, it eased me into a state of semi-numbness allowing them to inject the numbing needle without me even feeling it. The good news? No root canal was needed!! After he cleaned the cavity he saw it hadn’t gotten close enough to the nerve and didn’t feel it still necessary. He said if the tooth bothers me in the future we always have the option to still go through with it later. After filling everything in he gave me a temporary crown and sent me on my way telling me to avoid foods that are crunchy, sticky, or too hold/cold for the next few weeks until I can get my permanent crown on. No painkillers, just some Advil and I feel fine. He is very kind and professional; he even came into the office on his day off today just for me knowing how nervous I was since he’s booked solid the rest of the week. I honestly cannot say enough good things about him and his staff. We are moving back to Dallas soon and I like him so much I will probably drive back and fourth for future appointments just so he can stay my main dentist. Long story short? Go to the dentist people. It’s not scary at all and you need to take care of your teeth!! He hasn’t done a full exam on the rest of my mouth yet, that’s in a few weeks, so fingers crossed I won’t need anything more than additional fillings. Another thing I like about this office is that they use white fillings and crowns so you don’t have to worry about leaving with a silver mouth. Even if I do need more serious work done, I will rest assured because I know I’m in good care."

Elyse L.

"This was my daughters first visit. The office is pretty w/a new modern design. The receptionist was excellent & was able to answer my many questions. Dr. Momin was very nice and explained everything. The prices seem a little high on proposed fillings of three at $244.00 each & another at $304.00. Other than the prices the experience was very positive."

April H.

"I recently moved to the area and was in need of a good dentist. The location is great, other reviews seemed okay, so I decided to go in for a cleaning and decide from there. My first visit was a success. As other reviews have stated, the facilities are clean and state of the art. From my first phone call, the staff has been exceptionally organized and friendly. Dr. Momin has a pleasant demeanor and I can tell he cares for his patients. I’ve been back a couple times, for a bit of dental work, and each visit has been fairly quick, but not rushed. Although it had been a few years since I’d seen a dentist, I never felt put down by the doctor, nor hygienists, because of the lapse in time. (That’s unfortunately happened at other places.) I’m now already set up for my next cleaning in December and am not dreading it. A’s for Dr. Momin and his team!"

Tara b.

"I had a patient with a dental injury on a Saturday morning. I spoke directly with Dr. Momin, who was more than happy to see my patient. He is a great asset to the medical community. Thank you. Dr. Greenwood Family ER Cedar Park."

Mary G.

"I walked into this dentist office being nervous of dental treatment. My treatment went unbelievably smooth. Doctor was really good and advised me with best options. This office was very well organized and super clean with very friendly and accommodating staff. I strongly recommend this dental office."

Javed M.

"My best experience with a dentist so far. He was super patient and caring. The staff was fantastic and super helpful as well. I was very nervous coming in, everyone did their very best to accommodate to me. The facility was super clean, and everything was organized. Heather and Dr. Momin did a great job during my appointment."

Anna A.
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Our Happy Patients

"I give Town Center a all around rating of a 100% from the time you make a appointment and walk into the front door you are treated like you are family.. The staff and the Atmosphere is so relaxing you feel like your at a spa and the dentist is so easy going he makes sure your happy with everything that you are having done.. and the price you is so affordable you can’t go wrong.. I finally found the best dentist in town... thanks for giving me my smile back."

Lisa W. Lisa W.

"This is by far the best dentist I have ever used. The staff is awesome, kind, caring & personable. I received a flyer about them in then the mail, I normally ignore flyers. Thank goodness this one caught me eye. The care that was taken to make sure everything looked & felt right was unbelievable to me. I have have dental problems most of my life and have never had this kind of care. I highly recommend this dentist & will never go elsewhere."

Cheryl B. Cheryl B.

"Wow, I wasn't expecting such friendly competent service. But I was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Momin is young and super knowledgable. Gives you enough time and answers questions in detail. The whole staff is very professional. I am glad I chose this office. Recommend for sure!"

Riyaz S. Riyaz S.
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