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Regular Checkups

Dental checkups every six months are essential to good oral health as they allow the dentist and hygienist to examine your mouth for any issues on a regular basis. If anything is discovered, we can immediately respond by providing the most effective treatment. In addition to a thorough exam, a regular checkup typically includes a professional teeth cleaning and when necessary, digital X-rays.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

During a professional teeth cleaning, we can rid your mouth of harmful oral bacteria and plaque, while also providing you with oral cleanliness. We use special tools to remove plaque that has built-up on the surfaces of your teeth and below your gum line. The hygienist will also clean and polish your teeth to eliminate surface stains and discolorations. This thorough process will leave your entire mouth looking and feeling great. A professional teeth cleaning is also a great time for us to examine your mouth for any signs or symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease.

Digital X-Rays

By taking digital X-rays, we can safely and quickly view hidden areas of your mouth. Digital radiography devices allow us to see extremely detailed and clear pictures that provide us with a better understanding of any oral health issues. Once we know exactly what is occurring and what issues are affecting you, we can proceed forward with the best possible method of treatment.

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Our Happy Patients

"I give Town Center a all around rating of a 100% from the time you make a appointment and walk into the front door you are treated like you are family.. The staff and the Atmosphere is so relaxing you feel like your at a spa and the dentist is so easy going he makes sure your happy with everything that you are having done.. and the price you is so affordable you can’t go wrong.. I finally found the best dentist in town... thanks for giving me my smile back."

Lisa W. Lisa W.

"This is by far the best dentist I have ever used. The staff is awesome, kind, caring & personable. I received a flyer about them in then the mail, I normally ignore flyers. Thank goodness this one caught me eye. The care that was taken to make sure everything looked & felt right was unbelievable to me. I have have dental problems most of my life and have never had this kind of care. I highly recommend this dentist & will never go elsewhere."

Cheryl B. Cheryl B.

"Wow, I wasn't expecting such friendly competent service. But I was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Momin is young and super knowledgable. Gives you enough time and answers questions in detail. The whole staff is very professional. I am glad I chose this office. Recommend for sure!"

Riyaz S. Riyaz S.
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