Apr 4, 2017 | | LA, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

If you have anxiety about going to the dentist, even for just a cleaning, then you need to read my review. I was so scared of the dentist’s office that I had avoided going since middle school (I’m nearly 30). This is downright shameful as I’ve had great dental insurance for the past ten years but was too much of a chicken to use it. Fate ran its course last Thursday night however when I chipped a tooth eating a really crunchy piece of bread. I made an appointment for Friday and shook the whole way just knowing how awful it would be since I avoided it so long. Dr. Momin took one look and said I had a bad cavity in that tooth which was very close to the nerve, so a root canal would be the best choice. Him and his staff were extremely patient with me being on the verge of tears and even stepped out of the room to give me a minute to compose myself. Never having a root canal before I was terrified of how painful it would be and not expecting to have to mentally prepare myself for that just yet. There was no way to get out of it so I told them to come back in and get started. They said they would give me gas to calm my nerves, but we ended up having to reschedule because the valve on the tank was broken. I came back for my dreaded appointment this morning and they did everything they could to make me comfortable. Asked if I wanted water or a blanket, let me select the channel the tv above my chair was on, etc. They have a nice waiting area too with a single cup coffee maker and small fridge with sparkling waters and juice. With the gas valve working it relaxed me in no time and while it didn’t give me a case of the giggles, it eased me into a state of semi-numbness allowing them to inject the numbing needle without me even feeling it. The good news? No root canal was needed!! After he cleaned the cavity he saw it hadn’t gotten close enough to the nerve and didn’t feel it still necessary. He said if the tooth bothers me in the future we always have the option to still go through with it later. After filling everything in he gave me a temporary crown and sent me on my way telling me to avoid foods that are crunchy, sticky, or too hold/cold for the next few weeks until I can get my permanent crown on. No painkillers, just some Advil and I feel fine. He is very kind and professional; he even came into the office on his day off today just for me knowing how nervous I was since he’s booked solid the rest of the week. I honestly cannot say enough good things about him and his staff. We are moving back to Dallas soon and I like him so much I will probably drive back and fourth for future appointments just so he can stay my main dentist. Long story short? Go to the dentist people. It’s not scary at all and you need to take care of your teeth!! He hasn’t done a full exam on the rest of my mouth yet, that’s in a few weeks, so fingers crossed I won’t need anything more than additional fillings. Another thing I like about this office is that they use white fillings and crowns so you don’t have to worry about leaving with a silver mouth. Even if I do need more serious work done, I will rest assured because I know I’m in good care.

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